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What is the most convenient form to donate on a regular basis?
  • 發布單位:Office of Financial Affairs

If you wish to donate to NTU regularly, you can select the payment methods “Credit Card Authorization Charge via Fax” or “Regular Donations via Bank Account”.

※Credit Card Authorization Charge via Fax: Download the Donation Form and fill out your credit card information followed by your signature. Send to the Office of Financial Affairs via fax, post, or email.

※Regular Donations via Bank/Post Office Account: Download the Authorization Form in three copies and complete the information in all three of them, then mail to the Office of Financial Affairs (only original copies are accepted, no photocopied ones). After receiving the Authorization Form, we will confirm the information with you and the payment will be processed by Nan Hua Bank’s NTU branch.

Due to certain regulations, it is currently not possible to donate long term online. Donors abroad who are not in the U.S. may also consider using this payment method (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, NCCC only), but only with authorization from the local banks, so there is a possibility such method is not viable, and we are deeply sorry. Long term donations in the U.S. can be made online through our platform, including via credit card, debit card, PayPal, and more. For more information, please refer to the International Donation page.