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Domestic Payment Methods

  • Date:2018-09-12

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  • Online Payment Methods-
  • ●Via Online Credit Card (Once-off Donation)  
  • 【Donations must be at least NT$100; online credit card payments are charged 1.83%.】
  •  All Visa, Mastercard and JCB credit cards may donate online, but only once. If you wish to make regular donations, you may do so by selecting the credit card authorization method.
    Dear donors, in order to strengthen the security of our online credit card payment platform, starting from June, 2012 we will fully adopt the “3-D Secure Program” authentication method. An internationally accepted security authentication service comprised of Visa, Mastercard and JCB, which provides you with a password to use before authorizing any transfers, thereby guaranteeing a secure transaction! In case of any issues with online donations, transaction or authorization processing, etc., please call the Office of Financial Affairs: 02-3366-9799.
  • -Selecting via online credit card payment, the browser will redirect you to Hua Nan Bank’s credit card payment page.


  • ●Via Convenience Store  
  • 【Donations must be at least NT$100; payments via convenience store are charged NT$10.】

  • -Selecting via convenience store payment, you must print the payment form, which indicates the virtual account to send the donation via direct bank deposit or ATM  transfer. Please refer to the payment form for further details.


  • ●Via Online ATM  
  • Holders of chip cards and chip card readers may donate via Web ATM.
    Beneficiary's Account: 0015951000058
    Beneficiary's Name: National Taiwan University
    Bank code: 808

  • After your wire transfer, please provide the Office of Financial Affairs with the receipt, stub, or Wire Form from your bank via fax, post, or email for expedited the processing.


  • Other Payment Methods-
  • ●Cash 
  •  After completing the Donation Form, send it to NTU's Office of Financial Affairs together with the chosen cash amount.


  • ●Check
  • Cash gifts made by check should be made payable to "National Taiwan University" and mailed with the Donation Form to: Office of Financial Affairs, National Taiwan University R.501, 5th Fl., Courtesy House, No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 106319, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Please make checks non-transferable.


  • Gifts via NTU’s Postal Giro Account
  • 【Processing fee: 15 NTD for amounts 1000 NTD and below, 20 NTD for amounts over 1000 NTD. Processing fee to be borne by the donee
  • Beneficiary's Name: National Taiwan University
    Beneficiary's Account Number: 17653341
    After filling out the deposit slip, in the column of Remittance Postscript, please state your donation purpose, and provide us with your information for the issue of your receipt.


  • ●Gifts via Wire Transfer, Online ATM or Debit Card
  • After your wire transfer, please provide our office with the receipt, stub or Wire Form from your bank for expedited process.
  • Information on International Transfers:
    Beneficiary's Name:National Taiwan University
    Bank code: 808
    Beneficiary's Account Number:0015951000058
    Beneficiary's Account Address:No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.


  • ●Gifts via Credit Card Authorization Charge (Once-off Payment or Regular Payments Allowed)
  • You may select how long do you wish to provide monthly donations, if you do not specify the duration, donations will be made until the credit card’s expiration date. If you wish to cancel or change your donation, you may contact NTU via email and after verifying your personal information, we will process any cancellation or changes that you wish to make.

    After NTU receives your credit card information for monthly donations, we will call you within the following two work days (excluding weekends and holidays) to confirm and verify the donation’s duration and your personal information.

  • Please complete and print out the Authorization Form, sign it, and then fax, mail or scan and email it back to our office, NTU will process monthly payments for you.
  • Please note:
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB, NCCC.
  • For alternation or cancellation of your regular donation, please notify us by written notice (fax, mail or email).
  • If you’d like to change your contribution to a different cardholder, please fill out a new Authorization Form.
  • Processing fees differ depending on the credit card bank’s country of origin. Processing fees for foreign banks are at 2%, while those for domestic banks are at 1.75%.


  • ●Regular Donations via ACH
  • ※If you wish to support NTU through regular donations, the following options are available:
    “Monthly bank transfer donations” are processed via Hua Nan Bank’s NTU branch.
    Selecting this option requires you to fill out and mail the Authorization Form to our Office of Financial Affairs (3 original copies).
    After receiving your Authorization Form and confirming your information, it will be verified by Hua Nan’s NTU branch, after which our office will begin processing your monthly donations.

    Click HERE to download the Authorization Form.

  • Please Note:
  • First payment requires 15 to 20 work days. After the first successful payment, the third copy will be sent back to the donor.
  • Under this payment method, donors are not required to continue filling out donation forms.
  • You only need to provide an Authorization Form for the first payment, unless you wish to alter any existing information.
  • A NT$10 processing fee is required for “Monthly Bank Transfer Donations”.


  • ●LINE Pay for quick donations

    【Requires a 3% processing fee.】

    Otherwise, you may take a screenshot of the transaction after donation is completed and email it to our office together with the Donation Form (you must specify the donation cause), in order to receive a receipt for personal (or company) tax deduction. You may also call (02)33669799 to provide your transaction’s authorization number and other relevant information, then wait after deposit has been confirmed to receive a receipt (bank deposit processing takes around 10 days).