Fund for University Buildings Renovation & Restoration

Founded in 1928, National Taiwan University is the oldest and the most prestigious university in Taiwan. Today, almost one third out of its cluster of 783 buildings are more than 60 years old, another 232 are older than 30 years, and still 261 more are beyond 10 years old. Together they account for more than 90% of the total buildings within NTU’s 248-acre main campus, and a shortage in fund for the predictably rising costs of renovation and restoration of these buildings will impact profoundly. To maintain NTU’s high quality of its teaching, study and research, we invite our supporters to participate in our efforts to preserve and sustain this campus with rich history. Gifts of any size are welcomed and much appreciated.

Financial Aid for Students in Need

Over the years, National Taiwan University has nurtured and graduated some of the most brilliant minds. However, impacted severely by natural disasters and economic crisis, the number of students in need keeps surging. Since 2008 till now (Oct, 2012), NTU Financial Aid Program has given away NTD$4,535,848 to support 263 of the students. Please continue helping us to relieve their burdens and reach out to more. Your support matters and will make a vital difference.


Since 2008, National Taiwan University annually allots and appropriates funds for University Endowments, and utilizes it to do long term investments in order to advance the prosperity of NTU. The seed capital of University Endowments will never be drawn on as the Office of Financial Affairs shall ensure a 4% annual return for use. Without charging any management fee, NTU takes care of the general operation of University Endowment, which serves as NTU's coffers for academic research, study and teaching, nurturing all possibility of students and creating applicable knowledge, in order to support social and economic advancement, as well as to the development of the community.

Regulation on Donor Recognition


NTU Library currently subscribes to 10,247 scholarly journals, which is a relatively small number in comparison with other respected universities in the world. Yet the Llibrary still finds itself falls short on the fund for subscription of academic journals every year. The Library relies on our benefactors’ generosity to support NTU’s commitment in research and teaching. Please also visit NTU Library’s Website at

Coordinating Unit: NTU Library Acquisitions Department
Coordinator: Cheng-xiang Huang
Telephone: 886-2-3366-4553
Application times: Regular working hours
Legal reference: Library Donation Guidelines


Please contact the coordinator prior to making a donation. Listing relevant information (the journal’s title, author, publisher and year of publication) and your contact information will shorten the time necessary for the process.
Please note that the library has the right to decide on whether or not the donated material will be added to its collection, where it can be placed, and how it can be displayed. Donated materials in violation of copyright law or other rules or regulations will not be accepted.
For any donation accepted for the Library collection, the donor will be recognized on each donated item.